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Is COVID Pandemic Stress Causing Your Hair Loss?

Posted: Wednesday, February 24th, 2021


As we approach a full year of being in a pandemic, things are starting to look more promising; COVID case numbers are getting lower, vaccines are being rolled out, and Spring is on its way. As things are slowly progressing, unfortunately so is the rise of hair loss. As the months pass, studies are showing that mostly women are noticing that they are losing more hair. But why? 

Studies are showing that people who had Coronavirus are experiencing hair loss as a side effect. Other studies are showing that many people are experiencing hair loss from the overall stress of the pandemic. When stress is the cause of your hair loss, this cause can be from a condition known as Telogen effluvium.

Telogen effluvium is a form of hair loss that causes excessive shedding due to a shock to the system, such as stress. Other triggers for Telogen effluvium can be physical trauma, illness, weight loss, medical conditions, hormonal changes, and even medications. In most cases, Telogen effluvium is temporary and hair growth will slowly return overtime. 

Although there is no cure for this type of hair loss, there are many ways to approach excessive hair shedding & we can help guide you. Take a look at some of our solutions we have to offer:

Healthy Hair Services 

Our salon offers an array of healthy hair services & hair care to keep your hair in an optimal state of health. Some of these options include:

  • Nectaya by Goldwell – an ammonia-free permanent hair color solution that is derived from 91% natural ingredients. 
  • Olaplex – a bond building treatment that repairs the hair from within. This treatment can be added to your color formulation or as a stand-alone treatment. 
  • CRLab – Using the finest essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and proteins, CRLab takes a holistic approach to treating underlying scalp conditions from the source while nourishing your hair. 
  • Intact Hair Shedding Treatment – Prevents shedding by tightening the hair follicle to secure the hair in place while washing, brushing, and styling. It also adds body, volume, and shine to your locks. 

For more information on our healthy hair services, click here!

Scalp Treatments

The key to healthy, beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp. From dry and flaky to greasy and oily, these things can clog up your hair follicles and prevent new hair growth.  We can recommend the perfect scalp treatment and at-home care regimen for you. 

To learn more about the different scalp treatments we offer, click here!

Hair Enhancers

The Salon at 10 Newbury offers a variety of hair enhancer solutions for women. A hair enhancer is a small entry-level hair piece or topper that provides coverage as needed while enhancing your current style. This type of hair piece can be the perfect solution for anyone who is looking for instant volume, a thicker density, or for instant ready-to-wear hair. Our hair enhancers start at a base size of 2.5” x 5.5” and are designed to provide the perfect amount of coverage while providing a natural-looking, undetectable solution.

without the petite topette by Follea

inside of petite topette by Follea
Hair Enhancer Topper

putting on a petite topette by Follea
Putting on Topper

After putting on the petite topette by Follea

These hair pieces are customized from readymade 100% high-quality human hair purchased from the top manufacturers in the industry. The talented team of stylists at The Salon at 10 Newbury can cut, color, and style your hair enhancer with the latest techniques and trends. We will ensure that our hair enhancers will blend in perfectly with your existing hair.

We offer:

  • Informational complimentary consultations by appointment
  • A selection of human hair toppers and hairpieces, including the most current styles
  • Custom & readymade hairpieces and toppers
  • Professional, trained fitters to determine proper fit
  • Alterations for secure fit
  • Hair cutting, coloring, and styling services on your own hair to blend with your hairpiece or topper

For more information on our hair enhancer options and services, click here!

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If you are interested in finding the perfect hair enhancer solution for you, contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation either in-salon or virtually. You will meet with our hair replacement specialist to find the perfect style, length, and color for you. 

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