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CRLab Products

CRLab utilizes dermal-phytocosmetics, which consists of using natural ingredients from plants, when choosing high-quality elements for its products. All products are guaranteed to be as effective as possible.

By combining essential oils, trace minerals and milk proteins, CRLab treatment lines and products are made for specific hair and scalp conditions. The lotions are effective and non-aggressive because they are prepared with a completely alcohol-free emulsion of oil in water. Furthermore, the cleaning agents only use delicate surfactants, with elevated cleansing properties that respect the skin, hair and keratin in the stem. Below, we discuss each of CRLab’s product lines.

Hair Loss Prevention Line

The CRLab Hair Loss Prevention Line is designed to fight hair loss and improve the condition of your hair and scalp with regular in-home treatments.  These Trichological treatment products are formulated to reduce the production of sebum to effectively slow – and even stop – the progression of hair loss. Vital essential oils extend the growth phase of the hair and promote stimulation of existing viable follicles and give the hair new life. Finally, silk proteins contained in the formulation, allow it to significantly improve the structure of the hair shaft giving it body and shine. This line of products is SLES and Paraben free.

Antidandruff Moisturizing Line

Do you have persistent dandruff? Are you experiencing scalp tenderness, irritation, redness or itch? CRLab Moisturizing Antidandruff Protocol can help stop dehydration and create a soothing, rejuvenating effect due to various combined elements that help to fight these issues. For example, its alpha-hydroxy acids have a deep regenerating effect due to strong “keratinolytic” activity and hydrolyzed collagen restores the scalp connective layer and provides moisturizing action. Its exfoliating properties help to purify the scalp. Moreover, antibacterial agents help fight Malassezia Furfur proliferation, the main contributing factor of dandruff formation, and rhododendron plant stem cells assist in regeneration.

Sebum Regulating Line

The CRLab Sebum Regulating Protocol is also made to combat dandruff. Through scalp purification, hair bulb metabolism is improved and freed from excess sebum production. Excess sebum can impact hair quality, leaving it dirty and weak. To reverse this result, this sebum regulating line works primarily on your scalp. An oil mixture with astringent capabilities and different plant extracts containing high nutritive value prove to strengthen hair. Ingredients worth highlighting include the jojoba extract and the avogado extract, which are both beneficial for sebum production. Azelaic acid is a strong antibacterial agent that also helps to control sebum production. Other ingredients deserving recognition are the laminaria extract and fomes extract. These ingredients are both strong astringents, leaving the hair root free from excess sebum. Lastly, edelweiss plant stem cells found in these products help with balance and regeneration. Together, the ingredients in this sebum regulating line are highly effective against dandruff and reinforce hair bulb metabolism for healthy hair growth.

Daily Care Line

Similar to your face and body, your scalp requires a high level of maintenance. It’s important to wash your hair daily, or as often as possible. CRLab’s Daily Hair Care Line is designed to meet this standard of care. Made with natural cleansing agents, this line is formulated for frequent use and gentle to your scalp.

Extra Care Line

CRLab’s Extra Care Line consists of specialized treatment masks and a specialized shampoo targeted to treat specific scalp conditions:

  • Leniskin. For dehydrated scalp, this mask treats redness of the scalp, dry dandruff and psoriasis.
  • Sebum Regulating Mask. For oily or greasy scalp, this specialized mask removes impurities and excess sebum while gently cleaning the scalp. Made with green clay and pharmaceutically derived molecules.
  • Scrub Peeling Mask. For greasy dandruff, this mask exfoliates the scalp and treats oily/greasy dandruff.
  • Hygienizing Shampoo. For preparing the scalp for PRP treatments or auto transplantation, this special shampoo combines in-depth antibacterial action with moisturizing ingredients resulting in a clean, purified scalp.

Restructuring and Finish

Extreme weather conditions or the use of heated hair styling tools can be very harsh on hair. CRLab’s Restructuring products are designed to protect the hair and scalp from aggressive treatment. Made with powerful plant extracts and hydrating essential oils (moringa, argan, rice and wheat proteins), these products nourish and protect your hair from damage, dehydration and breakage. As a result, your hair will be shiny, easier to comb, and softer with more volume and thickness.