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Work From Home Hairstyles

Posted: Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Many of us are still working from home during this time. While we are adapting to these unusual and strange times, we are finding ourselves needing to be camera ready to hop on a quick Zoom video call at the last minute. Let your hair be the least of your worries. Learn how you can be camera ready in under 5 minutes with these quick & easy work from home hairstyles. 

Clip-In Hair

For a quick enhancement, go for a seamless transition with a clip in hair piece or topper. Our toppers are designed to blend in with your existing hair for a natural look. Whether your roots are overgrown or your hair is overdue for a wash, a topper can be the quick & easy solution for your work from home look. 

Before & After with a hair topper

without the petite topette by Follea

inside of petite topette by Follea

putting on a petite topette by Follea

After putting on the petite topette by Follea

For more quick transformations, take a look at our gallery


All you need is the perfect accessory to take your everyday hair from drab to fab. Whether it may be a hair clip, headband, or scarf, take a look at how an accessory can upgrade your hair style. 


When you pull your hair up, it can be tricky trying to make an effortless bun look formal without it getting messy real quick. Bangs are the perfect accessory to frame your face and bring your casual style to Zoom ready. 

If you are interested in finding the perfect hair topper or piece for you, learn about our Virtual Consultation services. You will meet with our hair replacement specialist to find the perfect style, length, and color for you. 

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