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Our Favorite Low-Maintenance Hair Color Trends

There is nothing like a new season to help encourage us to change up our makeup routines, spruce up our wardrobes, and even change up our hair color and style. We’re all about making these changes as easy as possible –hence, our latest list of our favorite low-maintenance hair color trends. Which hair color trend is your favorite? Do you have questions about any of these trends? Be sure to ask your stylist on your next visit!

Lived In.  Have you heard of one of our favorite low-maintenance hair color trends, called lived-in color? It’s a subtle fade from root to tip that looks lightly sun-kissed.  The key to achieving this look is the fake roots that your colorist will apply to your hair. The fake roots work like magic to help prevent any harsh lines when your hair starts growing out. The result is that you can go about six months between visits to the salon.

Strobing. Strobing is another one of our favorite “lazy” hair color trends we recommend this fall. Hair strobing is similar to the makeup technique of the same name. And, much like makeup strobing, hair strobing is a way to add shimmer to strands while going lighter and accentuating individual features, like face shape and eyes and cheekbones. What’s our favorite aspect? You can go months in between touch ups.

Balayage. Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. When applying this technique, the result is a sun-kissed, natural-looking hair color, with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. The principal idea with balayage is that “less is more” when creating soft, natural looks.

Dip Dye Color. Looking to change up your look by adding a striking vibrant color? Then dip dye color is THE hair color trend for you. This hair color trend looks equally good on both blondes and brunettes. Although there are a number of options for do-it-yourself dip dye color, we recommend you leaving it to the experts for best outcome. The best part of dip dyed hair is the fact that there is zero need to worry about touching up your roots.

Babylights. Babylights are thin all-over highlights that can completely change your look without having to fully commit to a new color. The name comes from (you guessed it!) the natural sun-kissed highlights that children have (and that women covet!). What’s the best part of this look? You can sprinkle in a few more every few months, seamlessly transitioning the look into an ombre look!

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