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Hair Loss and the Importance of a Healthy Scalp

Posted: Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Did you know? Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Since our hair roots in our follicles are living, we need a healthy scalp to keep hair follicles strong and producing new hair.

So… What is a Scalp, Exactly?

Your scalp covers the surface of your skull and is made up of five layers. The layer that contains your hair follicles is the skin and is very thin. This layer contains sebaceous glands that produce the oil that gives hair its shiny look. The next layer is made of fat connective tissue. The third layer of your scalp is a denser layer of fibrous tissue called epicranial aponeurosis. There is then the loose areolar connective tissue which is rich in blood vessels and lastly the pericranium which is the outer layer of skull providing the bone.

Knowing how the scalp is formed has helped to produce treatments to help with hair loss. Moreover, knowledge of what can cause your hair follicles to become damaged has helped to develop successful treatments. Although there are medical and genetic reasons for baldness and hair loss, there are more treatments available to help control hair loss and regrow new hair. There are also things you can do at home to help increase the health of your scalp.

Ways to Get a Healthy Scalp

  • Maintain a good diet. To stay healthy and have a strong immune system, maintain a good diet. This is true because when you’re sick, your immune system is busy fighting off the infection and is too tired to keep your hair feeling full and shiny. A good nutritious diet will help keep you and your immune system healthy.
  • Improve your circulation. A head massage is a great way to stimulate your hair follicles and keep good circulation. Good circulation is key to strong follicles and a healthy scalp.
  • Get regular haircuts. Cutting your hair on a regular basis helps keep hair follicles healthy. By cutting your dead ends, you’re making your hair shaft stronger and, in turn, your hair follicles can produce more healthy hair.
  • Avoid hair styles that pull at your hair. Hair follicles can become damaged, shrink and no longer hold hair roots when hair is pulled tightly back. Avoid wearing your hair this way to ensure your follicles remain healthy.

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