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Summer Hair Care Tips 2017

Posted: Friday, July 28th, 2017

summer hair

Summer is one of the greatest seasons in Boston. We get to have the perfect beach days, cookouts with friends, and family gatherings in Cape Cod. While we are busy having fun in the summer, there is a good chance that your hair is not having the best time. The summer season can take a toll on your hair with the sunlight, heat, and dryness. Here are some of our stylists favorite summer hair-care tips that they give their clients to keep their hair happy and healthy during the summer:


"If you have color-treated hair, make sure to wear a hat in the sun. 
The sun can cause your color to fade much quicker" 
-Lindsay McEvoy
"Make sure to use a leave-in conditioner during the Summer. 
Oribe's Supershine Moisturizing Cream is a great leave-in conditioner that 
provides both heat and UV protection" 
-Katy Garofano
"Use a dry shampoo in between washes to prevent your hair from getting too dry. 
Also, make sure to use a UV protectant spray, such as Living Proof's Restore Instant 
Protection Spray, to provide protection from both the heat and the sun" 
-Elise Nagle
"Make sure to put a leave-in conditioner when going to the beach" 
-Kristine McMahon
"Do not wash your hair everyday. Always allow your hair to take 2 days to let 
the natural oils from your hair reach from root to ends. If you have product, dust, 
or sweat in your hair, you can rinse it with water and condition in between washes." 
-Elie Ferzli
"Use Split End Seal by Oribe to keep your hair silky, smooth, and healthy 
while providing hair color & UV protection" 
-Hussein Salgereev

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