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Get to Know the Inspirational Kris Carr

Posted: Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

Upon her diagnosis with a rare and incurable stage IV cancer, Kris Carr has become a great source of inspiration for many others.  Without ever looking back, she started a self-care pilgrimage upon her diagnosis and become a participant in her well-being.

Ten years later, her personal journey has resonated with thousands of health, spiritual wealth and happiness seekers. Her wellness revolution can teach others how to better care for their minds, bodies and spirits.

Her Best-Selling Books

She has written five (yes, five!) best-selling books and even made an award-winning film. Some popular choices include:

  • Crazy Sexy Diet (New York Times best-seller, #1 Amazon Best-seller): This book will teach you everything you need to know about plant-based nutrition. It’s a manual for healthy living and will show you how to make healthy deposits into your energy bank account, rather than the constant withdrawals that are all too common on the standard American diet.
  • Crazy Sexy Kitchen (New York Times best-seller): This book gives you tons of delicious recipes and the basic cooking skills you need to embrace this revitalizing way of eating and living. This book has been known to change people’s lives.

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Kris also curates a selection of articles, recipes, how-to-videos, events and pep talks each week. We felt that this week’s newsletter was especially moving, giving all of us readers great words of inspiration. We were particularly moved by her following statement,

“We all have something in our lives that we wish we could change. And we each get to decide whether or not we will allow that something to hold us down. Let your obstacle become your mentor. Let your pain become your opportunity. Some form of suffering is inevitable. It’s how we deal with the suffering that matters. Will you let it devour you or will you ride it straight into the brightness?”

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