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Goldwell Dualsenses Serum Treatments

Posted: Friday, November 10th, 2017


Throughout the holiday season, The Salon at 10 Newbury is offering complimentary Goldwell Dualsenses Serum Treatments for all clients. These are weightless leave-in conditioning treatments that are applied to clean, towel-dried hair before or after a color, cutting, or styling service. These treatments are designed to lock in your color (or enhance your natural color) for up to 22 washes while also targeting common hair structure obstacles such as moisture, strength, volume, frizz, and protection.

There are many different treatments depending on your hair type. Find out which treatment is best for you!

Color Lock Treatments – designed for color treated hair

Color Serum
This treatment is for normal to fine color-treated hair.

Color Extra Rich Serum
This treatment is exactly the same as the regular color lock serum, however it is catered to thick to coarse color-treated hair.

Blondes & Highlights
Calling all blondes, this treatment is for you!

Intensive Treatments – designed to enhance the natural beauty of the hair

Restoring Serum
Designed to deeply penetrate the hair, this treatment will strengthen your locks from the inside out. It will also protect the hair from future breakage. This treatment is for dry to damaged hair.

Taming Serum
For instant smoothing and softness, this treatment will tame your locks instantaneously while providing protection against humidity. This treatment is for unruly or frizzy hair.

Bodifying Serum
Looking for moisture and strength without weighing down your locks? Enhance your volume with a strengthening bodifying treatment. This treatment is for fine to limp hair.

Hydrating Serum
Calling all curly girls, this treatment will deeply penetrate the hair to provide strength to your locks while fighting off frizz and enhancing your hair’s natural elasticity. This treatment is for naturally wavy hair, curly hair, or permed hair.


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