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5 Unique Unnatural Hair Colors to Try this Summer

Posted: Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

Summertime is the perfect time to update your hair look! If you’re more adventurous and would like to take on a bold new look, try one of these brighter unnatural colors as the weather heats up.



Denim Blue

Women have been rocking blue hair in a variety of neon and bright shades for years but this summer’s hot new unnatural trend is a bit more subtle and unique. Denim hair is unlike any of the bright or pastel shades you’ve seen before – it’s a subtle and dusty blue – that’s sure to turn many heads. The new look joins the ever-growing lineup of bold hair color trends. Just like your favorite pair of jeans, denim hair goes with everything! The trend has been seen as ombré, subtle, light and even bold.  Shown here on Nicole Richie, the denim blue look is sophisticated yet fun, proving unnatural hair colors can look chic at all ages.


IN: Playwithscissors

Smoky Lilac

Smoky lilac is another unique unnatural shade that you should check out for summer. This hair color trend is part of the pastel hair trend but, as expected, is a bit “moodier” in hue. Shown here with an ombré effect, the smoky lilac hair color is equal parts gorgeous and mysterious. The color transitions from a deep grayish purple to a light foggy lavender.  Because the tint can vary in tone from a silver-lavender to a deeper violet color, when considering this color change, talk to your colorist about what exactly you would like: the purple cast can either be executed noticeably, or you may choose to have your colorist apply it in a more subtle manner. Regardless of how it’s executed, the smoky lilac hair color always looks phenomenal!



Streaks of Neon

Neon hair isn’t just for teenagers and 20-somethings anymore. With new tricks and techniques, you can wear unnatural neon colors well into your thirties and forties. And unlike past years that were all about full-on neon hair colors, 2016 is a year where neon accent pieces are on trend. This summer, express your fun-loving and adventurous side with streaks of an unnatural shade. Streaks are applies on thicker volumes of hair, which make the face appear bolder. Blue, orange, pink, and green are all very popular choices for streaking, which are quite bold and contrast with your natural hair color. Shown here on Jordin Sparks, her blue neon streaks help to frame her face with just the right amount of bright pieces.



Pink-Copper Ecaille

2016 has been filled with rich multi-color and bold colors for women’s hair. Women everywhere are sporting bright, elegant and modern new hair colors. Enter the pink-copper ecaille. Ecaille, also known as the “tortoiseshell” technique, is a great way to warm up and add dimension to hair. It builds off the ombré and sombré trends of the past few years, essentially blending both of these techniques into one. This summer, try the ecaille technique with the super trendy pink-copper color. The pink-copper ecaille integrates two very popular colors with a dimension-building technique that gives hair an unbelievable shine. And, not only is this hair color an attention grabber, it’s also a great way to refresh grown-out hair.


IN: Soloparamunecas

Our ‘Dare to Go There’ Pick: Watermelon Hair

This new and juicy hair color trend is beyond appropriate for summer! Watermelon combines bright greens and soft pinks in a very daring color combination. This look can be accomplished through green and red dip dye, as seen here, to red and green balayage (a form of dip-dying), to subtler versions of the trend. Try it – your hair will look good enough to eat!

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