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Female Hair Loss – Learn about the Statistics & Your Options

Posted: Friday, September 1st, 2017

Although hair loss is often characterized as being a male issue, did you know that about 40% of alopecia patients are actually female? That equates to approximately 21 million women who suffer from female alopecia. In fact, hair loss professionals state that most females begin to lose their hair in their 20s and 30s even though their thinning isn’t noticed until later. By the age of 60, 80% of women cite noticeable hair loss.

Types of Female Alopecia

Since it doesn’t follow the same patterns as male alopecia, female hair loss is oftentimes less noticeable. Although some women experience a receding hair line, known as androgenic type hair loss, the most common type of female hair loss involves thinning hair directly behind the hairline, known as “Ludwig classification.” Other females may suffer from what is called diffuse alopecia, which doesn’t affect any specific region of the scalp, or angular alopecia, which affects hair growth on either side of the head but not along the main region of the scalp.

What are the Numbers?

Female alopecia is a widespread issue, even though it’s rarely discussed. Here are some statistics about alopecia in women to help you better understand the condition:

  • 21 million women in the U.S. currently suffer from some form of alopecia
  • 95% of female hair loss is androgenetic
  • 4 out of 10 women suffer from thinning hair during menopause
  • 50%+ percent of women over the age of 65 have reported thinning hair
  • 80% of women experience noticeable hair loss by the age of 60
  • 40% of all alopecia patients are female

Despite these statistics, many women remain unaware of their options when it comes to hair loss. They do not know that there are numerous services, treatments and hair systems available to them.

Start a Conversation

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