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TruMatch Hair Extensions

Posted: Friday, January 12th, 2018

We’re excited to be using TruMatch ™ Hair Extensions on clients requesting hair extensions. TruMatch™ Hair Extensions are human hair extensions made using hand-selected, beautiful 100% human hair. These gorgeous extensions behave like your own hair and can also be styled and colored, resulting in a natural look. They even offer our clients the freedom to live an active lifestyle, including swimming, without any drawbacks or limitations.

With TruMatch™ Hair Extensions, our professional stylists are able to change the color up to two levels lighter or darker. We’re happy to consult with you on your coloring options. Plus, because TruMatch™ extensions are made with 100% human, hand-selected hair, your options are endless with regards to styling. You’re able to straighten, curl or treat the extensions however you want.

Most importantly, we’re able to apply as few or as many extensions as needed to achieve your desired look. For women who are looking to get extra volume in certain areas, we can apply extensions to that specific area, including the top of your head or at the sides, making TruMatch™ extensions a fantastic option for women who are thinning or suffering from hair loss.

Learn More about TruMatch™ Hair Extensions

TruMatch™ Hair Extensions can help women obtain a look of voluminous hair with great ease. To learn if you’re a candidate for extensions, schedule a private consultation with our expert staff. We will advise you on your hair replacement options, including the 100% human, hand-selected hair option offered by TruMatch™ Hair Extensions. Please schedule an appointment with one of our hair replacement specialists to learn more by emailing us at

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