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5 Quick & Easy Hairstyles for Fourth of July Weekend

Can you believe that the Fourth of July is this weekend?! Whatever your holiday plans are, don’t stress about what you’re going to do with your hair because we’ve got you covered! Try any one of these five quick and easy hairstyles! You’ll look absolutely gorgeous – plus you won’t have to spend too much time primping!

side-braidThe Side Braid

Although there are currently countless ways to braid your hair, we think this side braid option is beyond perfect for the holiday weekend. Your side braid will have a soft texture and relaxed style to accomplish the sophisticated yet beachy look we’re going for. Let shorter pieces fall out to frame your face to complete the look.

How to: Work a tennis ball-sized dollop of styling mousse through your dry hair. We absolutely love Living Proof Timeless Plump Mousse for all hair types. Next, tousle your hair for extra fullness. Then gather your hair under one ear and braid loosely. Secure your work with a clear hair elastic.

three-bunsMultiple Knots

This next look only looks difficult – it’s actually quite easy to pull off. Your hair will be pulled into three small rosettes that will nestle together at the base of your hairline. The result is another sophisticated yet beachy look.

How to: First, comb your hair back and divide it into three sections. With clear hair elastics, create low ponytails at your hairline. Then, twist each ponytail and wrap the hair around the base of the tail. Secure the buns you’ve created with bobby pins and add some hair spray to hold the look in place. We love Living Proof Control Spray.

high-bunHigh & Mighty Bun

The high bun that we feature next is the perfect mix of chic and relaxed vibes. Plus, it works well with all hairstyles, long and short tresses alike. As an added perk, the location of the bun helps to pull everything up, giving your face a mini-lift – nice!

How to: Use a texturizing spray in dry hair, making sure to scrunch it to create some body. We love Oribe Dry Texturing Spray. Next, pull your hair into a high ponytail so that it sits on the top of your head. Secure your hair with an elastic. Tousle hair and twist ends under the base of your ponytail, securing them with bobby pins.

sleek-ponytailSleek Ponytail

While pulling your hair into a low ponytail isn’t hard to do, we have to say, that adding a deep side part elevates the look to one of absolute sleekness!

How to: While your hair is wet, add a defrizzing serum to it. We love Living Proof NoFrizz Nourishing Oil. Next, blow-dry your hair straight with a big paddle brush. At the arch of your eyebrow, make a part with a comb. Secure your hair with an elastic at the base of your neck.

messy-french-twistMessy French Twist

The messy French twist rounds out our top five favorite looks for this coming Fourth of July. This classic look looks beautiful with just about any outfit, whether it be a cute sundress, white skinny jeans or even a long flowing gown.

How to: On towel-dried hair, work in some volumizer. We love Oribe Volumista Mist. Smooth your hair over to one side and secure in place down the back of your head where the middle of the twist will be with bobby pins. Flip your hair back to the other side so that your hair covers the vertical line of pins. Then roll and tuck the ends of your hair under. Secure everything in place with u-shaped pins. Voila!

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