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Follea Hair Wigs and Topettes: Everything You’ve Wanted to Know

Posted: Monday, June 20th, 2016

Follea produces the very best and beautiful hair wigs and topettes for women. Follea brings women the world’s finest quality hair by hand selecting every one of the single cut ponytails that arrive at their hair center. Are you interested in learning more about Follea’s unparalleled hair quality or their trademark products? Here are some frequently answered questions.

What are Follea’s Different Grades of Hair?

Hand Selected Reserve™

  • Cuticle intact and ‘double drawn’ so that hair lengths are within 1 inch.
  • Hand-picked reserve hair sorted out of our premium European hair by our veteran sorters after initial bulk sorting.
  • The most responsive to light color and light ash dying.
  • Always picked from the most closely matching base colors and tones to guarantee absolute minimal processing.
  • Rich, radiant color and brilliant shine.
  • Unmatched, responsive natural body and movement.

Premium European

  • Cuticle intact and ‘double drawn’ so that hair lengths are within 1 inch.
  • The top grade of hair separated during our initial bulk sorting.
  • Perfect for subtle European colors.
  • Moderate, gentle processing.
  • Natural European hair color and shine.
  • Responsive, natural movement.

European Processed, Cuticle Removed

  • Cuticle removed and ‘double drawn’ so that hair lengths are within 1 inch.
  • Medium to high denier hair selected for durability but still with a mind to lightness.
  • Tolerates processing stress very well.
  • Ideal for full-time wear, especially for bonding applications.
  • Well above industry standards of color for cuticle removed hair.
  • An effective balance between lightness, color, natural movement, and long term wearability.

What is a Topette® Hairpiece?

Follea Topette hairpieces are top pieces that add coverage, volume and length. These pieces can be used by women who are experiencing diffuse hair loss, women who are concerned about thin hair, women who are experiencing temporary hair loss, or women with medical hair loss issues that can be remedied with partial added hair at or near the top of the head.

Do you have other questions related to Follea that you would like to have urgently answered by our hair replacement staff? Feel free to call us at 617-247-4900 or email us at

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