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Is Hair Loss Seasonal: How Google Trends Helped Find an Association

Posted: Thursday, November 9th, 2017

A recent study suggests there is truth to this claim. A study published in British Journal of Dermatology discusses the research done by a team of researchers looking specifically at monthly search volume index, called SVI, for the term “hair loss” between the months of January 2004 through October 2016. Essentially, the study explores the relationship between seasonality and hair loss at population level using Google Trends. Using four countries with high populations in each hemisphere, the study does indicate that hair loss is more common in summer and fall than in the winter and spring.

What does this study implicate, you may ask? The researchers think that these findings can potentially help patients to better assess the impact of their hair loss treatments as well as provide some comfort to individuals that suffer from mild hair loss during these times of year since it’s a normal finding.

It’s been stated that future studies will be done to further clarify this association and examine the physiology of the hair cycle.

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