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Tips for Women with Thin Hair

Posted: Thursday, March 31st, 2016

  1. How To Avoid Tangles
    Static and wind have a big impact on creating tangles in thin hair. Although one may think that piling on conditioner to fix the tangles, that can result in the equally annoying problem of hair that’s weighed down and lifeless. What’s the solution? Invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner. We swear by Living Proof Full Shampoo and Full Conditioner. Made specifically for fine hair, these products are sulfate-free, silicone free, oil-free and safe for color and chemically treated hair.
  2. How to Get Rid of Oily Hair
    Thin hair has a tendency of getting oily very quickly. Although there are a number of products out there that promise to fix this “slick” problem, some undoubtedly work better than others. One of our go-to styling tricks for clients with thin hair is using dry shampoo to counter oily moments. It gives your roots an unbeatable boost and leaves your hair looking amazing. We prefer Living Proof Dry Shampoo.
  3. How to Boost Your Roots
    If you’re needing to add some volume to your hair on any given day, women with thin hair swear by using a root booster and good old fashioned elbow grease. What do we mean by that? Spray in the product at your roots and go at it with a round brush and blow dryer. One of our absolute favorites is Living Proof Full Thickening Spray!
  4. How to Get Texture
    If you have straight, thin hair, it can be quite difficult to add volume or keep a wave or curl in your hair – even with using a iron. A lifesaving solution for this problem is Living Proof Instant Texture Mist. From long-lasting beachy locks to straight-up bedhead, this weightless mist can create any textured style in as little as 10 seconds!

Whatever the thin hair issue is that you’re experiencing, rest assured that The Salon at 10 Newbury has the solution. Talk to your stylist about what products might work best for your thin hair today!

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