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5 Easy Halloween Hairstyles

Posted: Monday, October 31st, 2016

The ghosts and goblins will be out in full force this evening! We’ve listed out some easy-to-follow instructions for some top Halloween costumes this year.


If you’re planning on going trick-or-treating this evening as a water-loving mermaid, start out by applying some mousse to your damp hair. Tousle your hair with your fingers as you blow dry, creating a center part. Next, use a curling iron or wand to curl hair away from your face. Repeat all over your hair. Easy, right?


Who doesn’t dream of genie?! To accomplish this look, start out by parting your hair from the top of one ear to the other in a horizontal line. Clip the front half of your hair momentarily while working on the back half.  Tie the back half with a hair elastic just below the crown of your head. Now, unclip the front half of your hair and secure that portion with another hair elastic, placing it right above the first ponytail. Lastly, wrap a strand of hair from one of the ponytails around both elastics and secure with a bobby pin.


Did you opt to dress up as a regal ballerina this Halloween? Be sure to complete your costume with this sophisticated yet easy to accomplish hairstyle. Start by pulling your hair back into a low side ponytail just behind your ear. Tie in place with a hair elastic. Next, section off about two inches of your ponytail and braid it. Place the braid aside and wind the rest of the ponytail around its base. Secure with bobby pins. Lastly, wrap the braid around the bun and pin ends underneath. Voila! Your look is complete!


Are you off to see the wizard this Halloween? Pulling off a Dorothy hairstyle  is easy-breezy if you follow these instructions. Start off by parting your hair down the middle in the back of your hair. Twist your hair on each side of the part tightly toward the nape of your neck. Secure these twists in place with a hair elastic. Next, wrap a strand of your hair around the elastics to hide them. Secure in place with bobby pins.


Are you going to be rooting for your favorite team from the sidelines today? To look every bit the part of an energetic cheerleader, start by creating a center part that is about three inches long. Next, add some volume at the crown by spritzing it with some hairspray. Then, gather your hair into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Lastly, wrap a piece of your hair from the underside of your ponytail around the base to hide it and secure in place with a bobby pin!

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