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Salon 10 Human Hair Wigs, Hairpieces, & Toppers

Hair Replacement Center

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Having to change your appearance due to hair loss is understandably distressing. Women rarely look forward to the process of looking for and purchasing hair replacement solutions. But when you learn more information about the process, it is more successful and allows you to make the best choice. With the correct choice, your wig, hairpiece, or topper will look undetectable and natural. We will help you continue with your family, work and other lifestyle commitments.

For patients undergoing medical treatment that causes more immediate hairloss, going early in the process to look at hair replacement solutions will help us determine the color, style, and texture of your hair. Often bringing a friend will help make the process easier. The more information you have, the easier it will be for you to transition into your wig, hairpiece, or topper. It will help in social settings that were uncomfortable in the past because you will set the tone that you have turned this situation from a negative to a positive.

Highest quality wigs, hairpieces, and toppers are customized and styled by highly-skilled Newbury street stylists in a private area. We make sure that the wave pattern, texture, and color of your hairpiece looks and feels natural while looking and feeling undetectable.

Our Collection


We offer a collection of hairpieces, wigs, and toppers that are:

  • 100% Custom European Hair
  • 100% European Texturized Hair
  • 100% Human Hair Toppers
  • Any hair replacement unit can be custom made for partial or full coverage

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