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Olaplex Treatment: Human Hair Wigs & Hairpieces

Posted: Friday, March 30th, 2018

Olaplex Blog Posting

Over time, the hair within a human hair wig or hairpiece can start to show signs of color-fading, dryness, or even tangling. By adding Olaplex into your hair-care routine, you could extend the longevity of the hair in your wig or hair piece by re-building the bonds in the hair. Read more to find out if Olaplex is the right treatment for you!

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a 3-step hair treatment that repairs the di-sulfide bonds in the hair. Di-sulfide bonds are often broken during chemical services, thermal styling, and mechanical damage. Before Olaplex came out on the market, there was no way to repair these broken bonds without it being a temporary measure or quick fix with hair products. Olaplex actually restores broken bonds in compromised hair while maintaining strength and health during and after the treatment.

How does it work on my wig or hairpiece?

In-salon, Olaplex is added into color services or as a stand-alone treatment with a wash and style. After the treatment has been done in the salon, there is a take-home product to use after every wash to re-activate the treatment in the hair and to prevent further damage outside of the salon. Olaplex will also prevent color from fading as quickly and reduce breakage during chemical, thermal, and mechanical services.


To learn more information about Olaplex, please click HERE to visit their site or ask one of our professionals.

We offer the Olaplex treatment here at The Salon At 10 Newbury for $30 additional to any service.

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