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The Tricotest by Cesare Ragazzi

Posted: Friday, January 5th, 2018

The Salon at 10 Newbury will be offering a Tricotest ® that aims to microscopically and macroscopically examine and analyze your scalp and hair health.

We combine our expertise in hair loss with microscopic technology and computer analysis to help us identify and evaluate scalp and hair problems and design a program for each individual. The information we obtain through the Tricotest® gives us the first step toward beautiful and healthy hair. For example, a Tricotest® can help us to identify common issues that may be affecting hair and scalp health, including dirt or product build-up, bacteria and fungus, sebum build-up or lack of hair nutrition.

To prepare for a Tricotest®, we instruct clients to not use any products in their hair for a day. We microscopically and macroscopically examine and photograph your scalp and hair to illustrate its condition. Then we measure sebum (oil) content, hydration (moisture) level and pH (acid/base balance) level in order to evaluate these important metrics and find the correct combination of essential oil treatment products to address the specific condition of your hair and scalp.

From your Tricotest® results, we propose the most effective treatment and products that address your specific needs. Moreover, our highly effective Cesare Ragazzi products are specifically formulated in five-treatment categories to specifically meet the objective results of your Tricotest®.

Learn More about Tricotest®

We offer free private consultations so that you can come in to learn about Tricotest® as well as our trichology practices and Cesare Ragazzi products.  Upon visiting our salon, you will see and experience the leading edge hair loss services and high level of care and professionalism we provide our clients. Please schedule an appointment with one of our hair replacement specialists to learn more by emailing us at

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