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5 Steps to Maintaining a Healthy Scalp

When it comes to the health of your hair, it all starts with the health of your scalp. Most hair care products on the market cater to your locks, but what about your scalp? It is important to have a healthy scalp in order to to grow and maintain a healthy head of hair. Here are 5 steps that you can take towards maintaining a healthy scalp!


1. Exfoliation

A scalp scrub is going to exfoliate the scalp to remove any dirt, oils, and dead skin off of the surface. Scrubs also help balance the pH levels of the scalp, which will regulate the amount of scalp oil and sebum that is produced. There are many different scalp scrubs that cater to different scalp issues, such as dry skin, itchiness, and redness. There is a scalp scrub that caters to every scalp condition.  It is recommended to exfoliate the scalp once every 1-2 weeks depending on the buildup on the scalp.

2. Massage

Not only does a scalp massage feel incredible, but it also has many benefits. It helps relieve and decrease stress while increasing serotonin levels within the body, causing mood stabilization as well as many other body function benefits. Scalp massages also increase the levels of oxygen and blood flow in the scalp, which stimulates the growth of healthy hair. It is recommended to massage your scalp 1-2 times a week for about 5 minutes to get the best results.

3. Cleanse

Cleansing the scalp regularly can help maintain a healthy head of hair. Most clarify shampoos that have a detoxifying agent, such as charcoal or salt, are great at cleansing the scalp while balancing the level of pH on the scalp. Oribe’s Cleanse Clarify shampoo contains volcanic ash to purify the scalp without stripping the scalp of its essential oils. It is recommended to clarify the scalp once a week.

4. Conditioning Treatment

When your scalp is feeling dry, there are many different conditioning treatments that can be used to bring moisture back to the scalp without weighing your hair down. Once a week, it is suggested that you apply your conditioner from roots to ends while massaging the scalp for best results. If conditioning the scalp is not an option for you, oils are great for conditioning the scalp without creating any build-up on the scalp or the hair follicles. If you are interested in trying an oil, one of our favorite products is Living Proof’s Nourish Hair Oil. This oil not only benefits your scalp, but your hair as well!

5. A Healthy Diet

Having the right balance of vitamins in your diet can significantly improve the health of your scalp. Eating the right balance of protein, iron, fish oils and omega-3 can lead to a lifestyle of maximum hair health and overall immune health. Consult with your doctor on your vitamin levels to determine what you could be taking to maximize your scalp and hair health.


Since every scalp is different, it is recommended that you consult with your stylist on which scalp regimen would work best for you and your lifestyle. 


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