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The Follea Gripper at The Salon at 10 Newbury

Posted: Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Here at The Salon at 10 Newbury, finding the right hairpieces and wigs for our clients that will look and feel amazing is our expertise and our passion. We work with a few different hair manufacturers and distributors who provide us with high quality wigs that we customize for our clients. One of the biggest manufacturers that we work with at our salon is Follea. Follea is a well-renowned distributor of high quality hair replacement systems. They provide custom wigs made of the finest quality hair. One of their most amazing trademarked hair products that they provide for clients with alopecia is The Gripper.


The Gripper is a wig that is made for clients who experience hairloss due to the several types of alopecia or other medical reasons. Its main purpose is to provide comfort to those who have total hairloss. The Gripper provides a comfortable fit without the use of any tape or glue. It is designed to have a more secure hold with a lot more natural hair movement. The Gripper has provided us here at our salon with a chance to expand our wig line and be able to help a lot more women who are having hair loss problems and are trying to find a solution. These are just a few different types of Grippers; which one is for you?

Gripper-2 Cool: a hairpiece that is designed to have more airflow to the scalp, keeping it cool, as well as sewing lace in the front and top of the wig for extra comfort. The Gripper also has a weft back that is undetectable wefts when blow drying your hair, according to Follea’s “hair drying test.”

Gripper-2 Sport: a hairpiece that is designed for athletes who want to keep their hair looking natural during physical activity. Its design has more grip inside the hairpiece so it stays on a lot easier so you do not have to worry about it coming off during any time or occasion.

Gripper Lux: this hairpiece is very similar to the Gripper- Cool; the only difference is that it is made out of silicone and the back of the hairpiece is made out of a stretchy Swiss mesh material.

The Gripper has given us the chance to give our clients the chance to feel secure and comfortable with the hair on their head. If you or someone you know has alopecia or is dealing with complete hair loss and you or them need a solution for the hair replacement, contact our professionals here at The Salon at 10 Newbury located here in Boston, Massachusetts or visit us on our website at to book a complimentary consultation with our hair replacement specialist Patricia Wrixon.

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