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“This review is for the Hair Replacement portion of The Salon at 10 Newbury and for Patricia Wrixon and her team. A few weeks before chemotherapy was to begin, I scheduled a wig consultation with Patricia.  In a private area of the salon, we discussed the various options available to me once my hair loss started.  I felt confident after our first meeting that I was not only going to look normal, but was maybe even going to look better than normal! (See website: Hair Replacement Solutions – What To Expect.  Totally right on.) When my hair started falling out, I came back in (third visit), had my head shaved and met with a stylist to tweak my wig.  We decided that the color needed to be lighted a bit.  They went right to work on adjusting the color.  The wig was then cut and styled, and they showed me how to use some product in it to make it look even more natural (messy).  I then took my new look out into the world.  It takes a little bit of time to feel confident while wearing a wig, but once you get it right (size, cut, color), it is just like putting on a hat each day.  Easy.  No one knows I am wearing a wig.  I get compliments on my hair all of the time.  Thank you to Patricia and her team for helping me and countless other women successfully manage their temporary or permanent hair loss.”


Dear Patricia, Elise, and team:
Thank you so much for the beautiful wig, and more importantly, making my daughter Elise Gauthier smile!! Your incredible program, “Wigs for Well-being,” offered a little nine year old girl, dealing with cancer, a special boost of confidence during this challenging time. Thank you so much for creating this unique program and helping women and girls with options for dealing with the side affects of hair loss! I underestimated the significance of this change for Elise;  I wishfully thought because she was nine it would be less traumatic. Thankfully you came to her aid, and provided her with a beautiful wig that she was so happy to wear. Elise, you were terrific, so kind and sensitive to “little Elise.” Thank you so much for cutting her hair while in the hospital to fitting her wig in the salon –  from beginning to end you made the whole experience so dignifying.  Thank you so much!!”

-Family of a patient

“Pat came highly recommended by other women who had lost their hair to chemotherapy and found wonderful service at 10 Newbury. I was facing a traumatic set of events, with the ultimate result of losing my shoulder length hair. Although my prognosis was good and my attitude positive, it was still emotional and discouraging. Pat was not only knowledgeable about the different kinds of wigs, and ways to care for them, but she was skilled at finding just the right wig for my lifestyle. What makes Pat really special, though, is that when you are in her private little salon within a salon, you feel cared about, listened to, and comfortable at a time when you are also feeling quite vulnerable. Pat also is great at follow-up. I bring my wig to her every few weeks for some professional conditioning and a check up. I highly recommend a consultation with Pat so you can see for yourself both her professional talents and her warmth and kindness.”-Anonymous

“I’ve been going to Pat Wrixon for over 20 years and cannot recommend her highly enough. I’ve also send several other people to her and they were very pleased with the results. She’s very knowledgeable about what hairstyles suit each individual. In fact, when I go for a hairpiece now I basically tell her to do whatever she thinks would look best on me and she’s always right! She’s professional yet patient and understanding.”-Karen

“In September Pat Wrixon at The Salon at 10 Newbury Street fitted me for a wig before my chemotherapy treatment. To my amazement, my wig looks so much like my own hair that most people do not know I have a wig on. Of course, the wig always looks like I just came from the beauty salon. People are always complimenting me on how wonderful I and my hair look! My wig is so comfortable that I just put it on in the morning, forget about it and take it off at night. But the most memorable part of the fittings was Pat herself. Her skills at selecting and styling the right wig for her customers comes wrapped in a package of calmness, kindness and gentleness. Her smile fills the room with peace. A potentially stressful experience turned out to be one of joy.”-egclifford

“The Salon at 10 Newbury has a special place in my heart. I was diagnosed with cancer last year and after searching for a quality wig at about 10 different places, I finally found Pat at this salon. What a Godsend. She is experienced, gentle, very caring, and offers privacy. She knows the process of losing the hair and helped me come to understand what to expect. There was no other salon, boutique or store that provided aesthecially and emotionally what Salon 10 did. I got a lovely wig that looked excactly like my own hair. I would have rather have gone out in public bald than wear a bad wig that was obvious….well, my own husband had forgotten it was not my own hair. I even got compliments on my new “haircut” from co-workers and a restaurant that I frequent. So now a year later my hair is growing and I continued with Salon at 10 Newbury for styling. I went to “Ghada” who is just beautiful inside and out. I did not have to say much and it was obvious she knows not to go hogwild cutting hair that is trying to come in. She is very considerate in styling and helping me get my hair and looks back to normal. This is an honest review from the heart ….Please look up Ghada and give her a try …she’s lovely and talented. Thank you Pat for all you do for us survivors.”-Jan C.

“My wife recently was diagnosed with brain cancer and had to have surgery and therefore was going to need a hair prosthesis. A friend put us in contact with Pat and she did a wonderful job. My wife got more compliments on that hair piece, as one from her oncologist/radiologist saying it was the best hair piece she had ever seen. Pat was wonderful to work with and very accommodating. I would recommend her to anyone going through this situation. She was wonderful and my wife loved her.”-Dana M.